The 10th anniversary of BarCamp Philly is not to be missed, whether this will be your 10th BarCamp or your first! Join us in making this year the best yet, as we celebrate a decade of sharing knowledge, community building, and great memories made.

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What is BarCamp?

BarCamp is an “unconference” – a full day of 6 sessions in 11 rooms of Huntsman Hall. Sessions are on a variety of topics, and the day is created collaboratively – built by the people, for the people. Attendees actually help create the schedule as the day begins.

How Does it Work?

When you arrive, you’ll see a big board with an empty grid with times along one side and rooms along another. If you have a talk planned, you can post it to that board starting at 8:15am. Write it on a card with a short description and your name, and we’ll post it to the schedule for you. As the board fills up, attendees can start to see what’s happening and when – and plan their day.

Can I Give a Talk?

Of course! We encourage any attendee interested in giving a talk to post their topic on the board, but it is not required. Most people are there to listen, learn and discuss in sessions and don’t necessarily lead a session.

What Kind of Talks?

Topics vary from the technical (“Wordpress Child Themes”) to the inspiring (“Running: Not Just for the Zombie Apocalypse”). From practiced talks (“Designing for People”) to open discussions (“Nerds w/ Kids Roundtable”). Also, if you don’t like the talk you’re in, use the “rule of two feet” to get up and go to a different talk.

Join BarCamp Philly 2017

Get your tickets! Join us on Saturday, October 14th for BarCamp Philly 2017.